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No Franchise Fee
  Bamboo Chips Electronic Machine  
The bamboo chips machine has been carefully designed by a team of engineers after proper research so as to ensure easy and problem free operations for its users.
  • Automatic – Easy to use, no training required
  • Elegant design - Chic modern design, suitable for restaurants and fast food joints
  • Voltage 110v - 230v - Can be made to be used for any where in the world
  • Tamperproof Counter - Keeps you informed of the number of chips made thus enabling easy supervision of inventory at events, exhibitions and restaurants
  • Size -The machine is strong yet small and less than 2kg, making it easy for storage and portability for use at events, fairs and rock concerts etc.
  • Circular interior -This makes it easy to clean with just a swipe of a damp cloth
  • Guarantee - One year manufacturers guarantee ensures you risk free operation
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